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March 28, 2010

ANALYSIS: Inside United Utilities [Mule]

United Utilities is the North West’s only FTSE 100 company, servicing seven million customers in the region and employing around 8,500 staff – 500 having been shed this year so far. It has 20 subsidiaries and is today the sixth largest water company in the world. Corporations rarely get to that position without ruthless business practices, cynical opportunism and serious political muscle. In these areas, UU excels.


March 25, 2010

ANALYSIS: United Utilities’ record: not exactly watertight [Mule]

United Utilities CEO Philip Green has pledged to continue the company’s “strong focus on operational performance and cost efficiency” as the financial year comes to an end – a year in which 500 jobs have been ‘lost’ in the past few months. While analysts predict profits approaching £500 million, MULE repubishes this article from the last print edition, which looked at the FTSE 100 company’s social and environmental record in the Northwest over the last few years, where it services over seven million people.