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April 16, 2010

COMMENT: Political Science and social conflict [A Very Public Sociologist]

In Marxism the struggle between the classes over the disposal of the surplus yielded by the production process is an inescapable feature of all class societies. Marxism’s attachment to the working class has nothing to do with nostalgia for the “simpler” politics of the past or anything like that. Instead it is based on the observation that the (subordinate) class relationships an absolute majority of the world’s population has to enter into to make a living provide grounds for drawing together the largest numbers possible to pursue socialist politics. i.e. Fighting and building a society free of the class relationships that have characterised history since the dawn of civilisation. Marxist politics therefore has concentrated on building political parties and movements that articulate the interests of workers under capitalism and the trajectory these interests have in moving beyond capitalism.

Whereas class and class conflict is absolutely central to Marxism, this is not the case for political science as a discipline.