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August 7, 2012

Porn queen’s money quote

Jenna Jameson at the Adult Entertainment Expo ...

Jenna Jameson at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2007, with short blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Jeff Weintraub:

Jenna Jameson cuts to the heart of the matter

Quote of the Day

“When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

— Porn star Jenna Jameson, quoted by CBS News, endorsing Mitt Romney for president at a San Francisco strip club.

Actually, the rich, unlike many other people, have mostly been doing fine during the Obama administration (not least because Obama and the Democrats saved the economy from going over the edge into a full-scale depression). They also did fine, incidenatlly, during the Clinton administration. And even if they wind up paying slightly higher taxes, at Clinton-era rates, they’ll still be doing fine. But that doesn’t prevent them fromwhining that they are being mistreated, and that any failure to accord them total deference (“class warfare”)  is somehow bad, not just for them, but for the public interest. Jenna Jameson, at least, seems to have been straightforward about her reasons for supporting Romney … now that she’s gotten rich herself.

(See the follow-up at The Borowitz Report.)

Jeff Weintraub also passes on some useful links on which economists are worth listening to. The first is from Jonathan Portes. Here’s his money quote:

My shortlist (apologies in advance to those I’ve omitted) of economists commenting on macroeconomic policy who I think qualify is something like the following:

  • KrugmanDeLong, and Wren-Lewis on fiscal policy when interest rates are at the zero lower bound;
  • Adam Posen on monetary policy when interest rates are at the zero lower bound;
  • Martin Wolf on private sector savings and public sector deficits (the financial balance approach);
  • Richard Koo on the implications of a “balance sheet recession”

Jeff W follows up here, with Brad DeLong and Mark Thoma. Finally, here is Bruce Bartlett on where the US Federal deficit came from.