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April 6, 2010

COMMENT: The ‘spring of discontent’ and beyond [Adam Ford]

The UK general election is just five weeks away, and though all major parties are committed to massive cuts in spending to cover the bankers’ debts – the figure of 25% is being bandied about – it’s still not clear whether the reds, blues or even the yellows will hold the balance of power.

British Airways cabin crew and civil servants have recently taken strike action, and a rail stoppage had been planned for Easter. Meanwhile, right wing commentators such as Melanie Phillips – as well as the Conservative Party itself – are claiming that Labour’s reliance on the union’s political levy will stop them imposing the post-election cuts demanded by the ruling class. This is despite Gordon Brown labelling the BA strike “deplorable”.


March 27, 2010

COMMENT: BA strike: against the race to the bottom [Gregor Gall]

By Gregor Gall, Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Hertfordshire

The BA dispute in shaping up to be the key union battle of 2010, being on a par with strikes in the engineering construction industry and Royal Mail last year in terms of their significance for the wider labour movement. This is maybe a little odd in that a relatively small number of workers are involved compared to those in the engineering construction industry and Royal Mail. This is a dispute about accommodating to or resisting the ‘race to the bottom’ under the neo-liberalism.


March 17, 2010

COMMENT: Is it ‘deplorable’ to stand up for yourself? [Tim Black]

Having tried to strike over Christmas, before the High Court in London ruled it illegal, British Airways cabin crew look set for another go, with a seven-day walkout planned for the next few weeks.