Mining and automobile manufacture in India

Car manufacture

Balance sheet of Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Strike

Gurgaon Workers’ News assess the recent massive strike at Maruti Suzuki auto in India.

Preliminary Balance Sheet of the 13-Days Sit-Down Strike at Maruti Suzuki Factory in Manesar/Gurgaon, India

India: Wildcat strike at Maruti Suzuki continues, may spread

The strike at the Indian carmaker’s Manesar plant has entered its sixth day, with threats of similar strikes at other plants being made.

The wildcat strike exploded a week ago, with around 2,000 workers demanding the recognition of a new union – Maruti Suzuki Employees Union (MSEU) – formed by those working at the Manesar plant, among other things.

Around 1,000 workers from different firms in the Gurgaon-Manesar industrial belt gathered at the gate of MSI’s Manesar plant today to express solidarity with the MSEU strikers.


The Jharkhand Movement

The state Jharkhand was formed in November 2000, before that the mining areas of Dhanbad-Jharia and the steel manufacturing regions around Bokaro and Jamshedpur were situated in the southern part of Bihar.

The Dhanbad Mafia

In India the name Dhanbad is synonymous with coal mafia. Together with the ‘nationalised command’ over the mines appeared a ‘mafia mode of production’, which was both part and outcome of the re-structuring process.


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