Opinions: the shifting tectonic plates of geopolitics

Two items from the very cool Al Arabiya website:

Market Moves / Hello, Venezuela, possessor of biggest oil reserves. Welcome to the oil games


Over the past year, many will have thought of Saudi Arabia, the oil goliath, as being home to the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world and that the country will maintain this title for many years to come. After all, the kingdom is the largest oil exporter in the world. But creeping up behind Saudi throughout 2010 was the South American oil bigwig, Venezuela. […]

Hillary Clinton should be fed noodle soup in New Delhi


Empires do not have friends. They only have allies.

America is the only empire left after the Soviet Union collapsed. China is a perennial empire in waiting: perhaps it heeds history’s tutorials that it is better to be an imperial work in progress, the promise of menace and power a deterrent not only to the rest of the world but also to itself. Revolution may devour its children, but empires get devoured by theirs.[…]


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