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Martin Meenagh:

Since I have been away….

The government here has been trying to involve itself in an Arab civil war without the troops, or weapons, or means, and armchair generals have touted a ‘no-fly’ zone without quite understanding what that means about preliminary strikes on air defences and over 500 Libyan aircraft; a weird ‘common law’ rebellion against Magistrates’ Courts has got going in the North West; a New Jersey politician has beaten a supercomputer (I wonder how George Cayley would have done); a new form of social security which will necessitate taxmen in everyone’s bank account has been brought in; an Irish businessman has decided thatdemocracy as it has been conceived is dead (and Eamon Gilmore has thrown away the chance to lead a genuine Irish opposition, which means that Fianna Fail will come back, insh’allah); and Egyptians have started behaving like Romans. It is funny how Americans since Dallas, or Ike, have been Praetorian, but Muslims across Asia and the Maghreb have behaved like the children of the Dominate.

Oh, and the Chinese have worked out that the West is Christendom and Christendom is the West; the short cultural suicide (and aborticide) since the sixties will at least not end without that revelation. Peak oil is back (and mainstream), speculators are partying like it’s 2008 (which in some ways it is) and Her Majesty’s constabulary are feeling bullied.

Almost by the day, some new staggering lack of awareness emanates from the political class, away there in fairyland, and from their fellow travellers in minor universities and the more mediocre of the legal profession. Today’s plan is to destroy small business owners who want to sell me the occasional lucky strike or packet of American Spirit.


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