Chart of the week: Britain’s export gap with the BRICS

Will Straw writes:

Sky News and the Financial Times report that Peter Mandelson will later today outline a £27 billion export gap with the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The finding comes from a piece of research that my colleagues Sarah Mulley, Amna Silim, and I have done for ippr on the future of globalisation and Britain’s place in the global economy.

The chart below – part of a presentation to be made later today by ippr Director, Nick Pearce, prior to Peter Mandelson’s keynote speech on globalisation – shows the actual volume of Britain’s exports to the four BRIC countries compared to the potential volume if export performance matched Britain’s global share of trade.


Below the fold, recent(ish) trade news from The Gabber:


One Comment to “Chart of the week: Britain’s export gap with the BRICS”

  1. Lord Mandelson has highlighted the importance of Britain increasing exports to the BRIC countries Brazil Russia India and China in a speech for the …The peer says that while British exports to BRIC countries have increased rapidly in the last decade they are still behind Britains share of world trade…If Britain increased its share of BRIC countries imports from their current levels to 3.7 per cent our global average it would be equivalent to 27 billion. The British Chamber of Commerce has pointed to Februarys retail figures as highlighting the fragility of Britains economy…

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