India: 13,000 contract workers strike at lignite mine and power-company

In a recent twist to the extraordinary upsurge in industrial militancy in India, 13,000 irregular workers are on strike at government owned Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The best report is at WSWS.

The other main site of labour dispute in India, also in Tamil Nadu, is Foxconn, which we have already mentioned once or twice.

A number of workers at some Indian plants of Foxconn International Holdings Ltd have been arrested for breach of labour laws as they had struck work during a cooling-off period during pay negotiations.

The company is a key supplier to top cell phone makers including Motorola Inc and Sony Ericsson. The firm declined to give the number of employees that had been arrested, but according to a labour group as many 319 employees had been held.

“We have been in talks with the labour union and have come to an agreement, but some workers engaged in illegal activities and were thus arrested by the local police,” Vincent Tong, Foxconn’s senior director said.

Foxconn International and parent Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd count among the biggest private-sector employers in China.

For details of the wider Indian strike wave, see LabourStart India, whose latest headlines are below the fold.

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Tamil Nadu ITF backs global union federation campaign to release imprisoned workers in India ActNOW! 2010-10-23 [ITF]

Tamil Nadu Trade union leaders and workers at Foxconn India imprisoned ActNOW! 2010-10-23 [ITUC]

Uttar Pradesh AMC sanitary staff gets trapped in drain, dies 2010-10-22 [TNN]

Andhra Pradesh Govt employees threaten agitation 2010-10-22 [PTI]

Maharashtra Revenue employees protest attacks 2010-10-22 [TNN]

Sikkim Workers strike halts construction of greenfield airpor 2010-10-22 [ANI]

Uttar Pradesh MNNIT strike: Staff, authorities meeting ends on bitter note 2010-10-22 [TNN]

Maharashtra PCMC rapped for not executing resolution to pay fire brigade employees 2010-10-22 [TNN]

Rajasthan Two factory workers electrocuted in Dholpur 2010-10-22 [TNN]

More than 200 Indian workers allowed to return home ending 2 month work stoppage 2010-10-22 [Jordan Times]

Agreements covering port workers in India pave the way for full settlements 2010-10-22 [ITF]

Chandigarh STA staff appeal against compulsory retirement 2010-10-20 [TNN]

Maharashtra CBI books Mumbai realtor in connection with a Rs.94 million employees provident fund evasion case 2010-10-20 [IANS]

Meghalaya Teachers end 16-day strike 2010-10-20 [Telegraph]

Delhi HC seeks details of labour conditions at CWG construction sites2010-10-20 [TNN]

500 workers arrested for striking against Foxconn ActNOW! 2010-10-19 [No Sweat]

Uttar Pradesh Two workers electrocuted 2010-10-19 [TNN]

Goa Govt staff to get 10% hike in DA 2010-10-19 [TNN]

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Maharashtra Workers not to report on duty from Oct 19 at Thane: Raymond 2010-10-17 [PTI]

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Give arrears in cash, not in accounts: cantt workers to board 2010-10-16 [ENS]

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Merger leaves Air India staff perplexed 2010-10-15 [DNA]

Maharashtra Raymond close to reaching deal with labour union on Thane realty project 2010-10-15 [ET]

Uttar Pradesh LMC employees on strike, seek financial benefits2010-10-15 [TNN]

Tamil Nadu Cantonment Board staff wear black badges 2010-10-14 [Hindu]

Tamil Nadu Retired Aavin staff seek pension on a par with government servants 2010-10-14 [Hindu]

Tamil Nadu Govt. engineering college faculty demand wage hike2010-10-14 [Hindu]

Karnataka Revised minimum wage disappointing: sangha 2010-10-14 [Hindu]

Maharashtra Teachers’ union wants V-C to defend academic freedom2010-10-14 [TNN]

West Bengal Variable DA for tea workers soon 2010-10-13 [TNN]

West Bengal Wage revision issue settled 2010-10-13 [TNN]

Unions in India and Kuwait join hands to protect the rights of migrant workers 2010-10-12 [BWI]

Haryana No loan recovery from NREGA wages, banks warned 2010-10-12 [IANS]

Tamil Nadu Production at MRF hit after strike: Union 2010-10-12 [ET]

Tamil Nadu CITU leader, Foxconn employees held ActNOW! 2010-10-11 [TNN]

Tamil Nadu 320 Foxconn workers arrested ActNOW! 2010-10-11 [Deccan Chronicle]

Death exposes tea worker exploitation 2010-10-11 [Hazards magazine]

Meghalaya Teachers to continue strike 2010-10-11 [PTI]

CIL unions cancel strike plans, to observe protest week 2010-10-11 [ET]

Andhra Pradesh Autodrivers warn indefinite strike 2010-10-09 [The Times]

Tamil Nadu Talks to resolve NLC contract labour dispute fail to make any headway 2010-10-09 [Hindu]

Tamil Nadu Police lathicharge striking NLC contract workers 2010-10-09 [Hindu]

Tamil Nadu Rameswaram fishermen launch indefinite strike 2010-10-09 [PTI]

Maharashtra Cargo workers at airport observe flash strike 2010-10-09 [PTI]

Tamil Nadu Production hit following strike in steel utensils cluster2010-10-07 [Hindu]

Orissa BSNL casual workers hold demonstration 2010-10-07 [Hindu]

Delhi Court directive to labour department 2010-10-07 [IANS]

Tamil Nadu Fatal fall for worker 2010-10-06 [Hindu]

Railway employees to get 77 days” wages as bonus 2010-10-06 [PTI]

Cabinet approves Rs 70 cr for PSU employees’ statutory dues2010-10-06 [TNN]

32 suspended Air India employees to be reinstated 2010-10-06 [Hindu]

Uttar Pradesh Power staff protests against delayed wages 2010-10-06 [TNN]

Join BWI campaign against the Commonwealth Games Federation2010-10-05 [BWI]

Andhra Pradesh INTUC defers strike plan in Singareni 2010-10-05 [Hindu]

Kerala Fish workers to raise issues during campaign 2010-10-05 [Hindu]

Rajasthan Less than min wages for NREGA workers unconstitutional: Govt 2010-10-05 [TNN]

Rajasthan Workers protest as lockout continues at RECL 2010-10-05 [TNN]

Karnataka Construction workers seek higher pension 2010-10-05 [Hindu]

Tamil Nadu Amendments to Minimum Wages Act sought to benefit unorganised workers 2010-10-05 [Hindu]

Maharashtra Sudden strike by daily wagers puts brakes on BEST services 2010-10-05 [DNA]

Tamil Nadu Bus strike in Chennai, 3000 buses not on road, normal life affected 2010-10-04 [The Examiner]

Tamil Nadu Flash Strike By Section of MTC Employees 2010-10-04 [Outlook]

Chhattisgarh Over 200 workers in hospital after food poisoning2010-10-03 [IANS]


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