Paul Sagar: Gideon Osborne and the Dodo of Keynes

Last night, the heir to a multimillion pound fortune declared that it is wrong for people to get money for doing nothing.

This came as part of a special announcement that £4billion more would be cut from benefits than previously planned. This was certainly not part of a transparent and obvious ploy to get the News of the World/Met Police phone-hacking scandal off the front pages.

In turn, the irony of a party which recently appointed a big-time tax avoider to a senior role – and which has turned a blind eye to a practice costing the UK many more sums than benefit “scrounging” – was quickly lost on everybody. Most especially, it was lost on Lib Dem members of the (so-called) Coalition (but in practice, Tory) government. Politicians who, until their recent emasculation and co-option into perennial shit-can-carrying policy gimps for their Conservative Dominatrix, had seemed quite genuine about plugging that c.£25 billion-a-year tax gap.

But hey, this is politics. [READ THE REST]


2 Comments to “Paul Sagar: Gideon Osborne and the Dodo of Keynes”

  1. Whilst i appreciate the link, I’d also appreciate being asked/notified in advance if you copy substantial parts of my articles.

    There’s no “about” section on this website that I can see and although this website appears to be in good faith I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from…

  2. Sorry Paul, point taken. I hope you don’t mind if I leave the post up. I have re-formatted and re-titled it to make it clearer that it is a link to elsewhere rather than an original post.

    I’ll add an “about” section to the blog. The purpose is to provide links to what I think are serious, rigorous and important pieces of political and economic analysis, in the context of a rapidly changing world.

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