Industrial unrest in China

The Chinese working class is on the move: there is a wave of strikestaking place across China, and they’re winning. Workers at Honda have won a 30% pay increase in the latest strike affecting that company, while workers at FoxConn have reportedly been offered a 100% increase in ‘basic pay’ (with strings attached) after strikes and a string of employee suicides. The strike at FoxConn is particularly auspicious since that company has so far demonstrated considerable success in maintaining a divided, weakened, timid workforce. Across the country, a series of hard-fought strikes have pitted workers against the usual double act of management and cops (strikes are effectively legal, but the Chinese police force is hardly more pacific than the LAPD, and management frequently beat insubordinate workers) resulting in injuries but also some signal successes. The analysis of the China Labour Bulletin suggests two factors here: [READ THE REST]

More China news from Libcom:

Villagers clash with riot police over land grabs

Villagers hold banner that reads: "Return my land".

Police deployed tear gas to dispel protesters, arresting dozens and injuring several people in Taiyun City, in China’s Shanxi Province. The violent protests allegedly errupted over confiscated properties amid government corruption.

Residents of Di Village in Taiyuan City say that Ma Jincai, the local Communist Party chief and head of their village, is corrupt, and although they often report problems to higher departments, authorities take no action to resolved any issues.

Chinese Honda workers threaten more strikes

Striking Honda workers outside the Foshan plant, Guangdong.

Honda Motor Co employees in China on Thursday threatened another strike over a salary dispute. The staff temporarily returned to work on Wednesday at the plant in Foshan, southern China, after a strike that had halted Honda production in the country.

Honda workers were sticking to their demand for a pay rise of 800 yuan (117 dollars) a month but the company was offering 366 yuan. The employees earn around 1,500 yuan per month including overtime pay, a company spokesman said.


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