Global news: The BP oil spill, paramilitary violence in Mexico, labour unrest in China

Oil rig explosion kills 11, leaves oil spill that can be seen from space

Eva Rowe’s parents were among the 15 who died that day in Texas City.

“A worker who actually worked at the plant collapsed to the floor crying, telling me he was so sorry that he couldn’t find my parents, that he’d been looking for them since the explosion happened. So then I knew,” she recalled.

“My parents were my best friends, they’re all I had. My life ended that day. BP ruined my life. It ended my life. That day I had to start all over.”

After several high-profile work accidents in the U.S. over the past several months, we are faced again with the tragic deaths of 11 workers on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. [READ THE REST]

The convoy after attack
On April 26, 2010, a convoy of some twenty militants and international observers was ambushed in Mexico. They were on their way to San Juan Copala, a village in the Sierra Mixteca region, to give support to the villagers in their resistance to the terrorism of a local paramilitary group. Their convoy was brutally ambushed by paramilitaries……

“So much misery, so much blood, so many dead, so many disappeared. What is happening in the Triqui region? What has happened in the communities? The convoy for Copala was stopped; they were young friends, they were brothers. Words were answered by bullets, but you cannot stop words.”
Manolo Pipas, Galician troubador, citizen of the world

On April 26, 2010, some twenty militants and international observers set off for San Juan Copala, a village of around 700 inhabitants located about 250 kilometers from the city of Oaxaca and belonging to the Triqui ethnic group who live in the Sierra Mixteca region. Arriving in Huajuapan de Leon, where the convoy spent the night, they distributed a text denouncing the paramilitary group UBISORT (Unidad de Bienstar Social de la Región Triqui, Unity of Social Wellbeing of the Triqui Region), which had maintained a state of siege against the village of San Juan Copala, controlling the comings and goings of its residents. [READ THE REST]

Chinese industrial relations news, April

8th: A man threw a bottle of ink at the famous portrait of Mao in Tiananmen Square, in an echo of the famous attack during the events of 1989.
12th: Former soldiers arrested after trying to present a petition to the Peoples Liberation Army HQ.
13th: Peasants in southern China clashed with police last month over an illegal land sale.
14th: For those that missed it, husunzi posted this article on resistance to development in Wuhan.
15th: Residents of Hangzhou forced an apology from local Party cadres over illegal evictions.
16th: Three internet activists jailed in China; hundreds protest courthouse

19th: Laid-off bank workers protest in Beijing
21st: Someone’s been given life for the Tonghua Steel strike last year during which a manager was killed
23rd: Villagers burn construction site, clash with police in land protest
26th: Violence erupts at Chinese dam eviction
27th: Protest against a new road



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