NEWS: New research questions viability of capping immigration

new study by the leading independent think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research, published today March 28, examines whether a cap on net immigration would be workable in practice, and  questions the validity of claims that an immigration cap would be a political ‘quick win’.

As we approach a general election, all three main parties are keen to emphasise that they would be tough on immigration. But the Conservatives have gone a step further and made a cap on immigration a flagship policy. Although they have not yet provided much detail about their plans, they have talked about reducing annual net immigration  to ‘tens, rather than hundreds of thousands’, and have hinted that they support calls (for example from the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration) for annual net immigration to be reduced to around 40,000.

The ippr briefing says that while delivering a cap on net immigration of 100,000 or less would be challenging enough, reaching the lower figure of 40,000 would require drastic measures which could damage the economy; it would require very significant restrictions on high-skilled migration and international students, as well as further limiting the scope for family members to join relatives in the UK.

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